Writing A Stunning Introduction Of Compare And Contrast Essay


Don’t you think that writing an attention-seeking compare-contrast is not a challenging task? Yes, it is. It may seem as simple as ABC to grab attention in the introductory paragraph of a reader but it is not the case.

An essay writer has to put his full writing effort to attract a reader to read his writing content. Doing so is not as easy as falling off a log rather it is a tough job to do so.

Teachers assign a number of writing tasks related to compare and contrast essays. It is a kind of essay which has to be learned by all students.

It develops a habit of thinking critically about the topic in a significant way. It encourages students to focus on the exact and deeper meaning of any kind of essay topic.



There are different types of essays. Each type has its own significance that is why teachers assign a number of different topics to the students. Each type of essay establishes various important skills in students which helps them in expressing their thoughts in a meaningful way.

Writing an essay is not a big deal but making it unique and attractive is really a challenging task especially for beginners.

Sometimes, students write brilliant essays. They follow the structure of the essay as defined, define the topic properly, raise arguments, give evidence and examples to support their ideas, hence, they fulfill all the requirements an essay demands but still don’t get top grades as a result.

There is only one reason for not achieving the desired result and that is they don’t write an attention-grabbing introductory paragraph.

Writing an Introductory paragraph in a succinct and simple way is not a good approach to start essay writing with. Especially when you’re writing a compare-contrast essay, you’ve to pay full attention to make your content luring and handy.

In a write my essay assignment, it is the utmost responsibility of a writer to understand the main purpose of the topic before starting writing it.

Usually, a student is asked to examine similarities, differences, or both between the two subjects which must fall under the same category.

But writing an attention-grabbing introduction requires more than simply defining the topic.

Opening an essay with the help of a hook statement is the best approach to seek the attention of a reader and make him intrigued about the topic. The chances are high that a reader will take interest in knowing the details which a writer must mention in the main body of the essay.

Well, making a statement fascinating can be done by raising a question and then answering it by yourself or by mentioning a famous quotation related to the topic. Moreover, mentioning a surprisingly amazing fact is also one of the best approaches to lure a reader’s interest in reading the essay.

In addition, defining the topic in a concise and interesting way is also a key to writing an attractive introductory paragraph.

Next, it is very important to understand that writing a thesis statement in this kind of essay is different than that of other types of essay writings.

As in this type of essay, a writer has to make comparisons or contrasts, so a thesis statement is usually a recommendation or a suggestion related to the subject.

So, the key is to make the introductory paragraph, as a whole, precise but to the point. It must consist of only one paragraph.

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